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The tips to running a children play park

The tips to running a children play park

Issue Time:2019-01-04
1.Apply for business license
Children's parks are special industries. Remember to go to the local industrial and commercial bureau to apply for a business license. The business license can be written on the XXX Children's Park and go to the local tax bureau for a tax registration certificate.

2.Choose your target customer correctly
Even the best children's play equipment can't satisfy all the children's preferences. The children's favorite things are different for each age group. This is what the operators should think about. The so-called positioning means the operator must understand: You Which age group children are to be served.

3.Choose right park location
Find a place where people have a lot of traffic to run a children's park, which can be a shopping mall, a community, a store, etc. The operation of the indoor children's park also has an important relationship with the location where the crowd is concentrated, such as in front of the mall, or In the mall, as long as it can attract the attention of children and parents, the business is naturally guaranteed.

4. Choose right brand
When choosing a children's park to join the project, it is best to join the headquarters to conduct on-the-spot investigations, mainly to examine the production strength of the franchise brands, as well as the safety, environmental protection, and after-sales service of the children's playground equipment.

5.Recruiting the right employees
After preparing for the operation of the children's playground, recruiters are ready to start business. When recruiting children's park staff, be sure to pay attention to recruiting responsible staff so that children can avoid many problems during play.

6.Choose the right amusement equipment
How to choose the equipment that attracts children is the basis for determining whether the business is good or bad. First of all, it is necessary to investigate what equipment is available in the existing children's playgrounds around the country, and strive to achieve the same.

7.Care  the health of the park
The amusement equipment is played by children every day. It is hygienic, clean, bright and tidy. It is also an important part. Unhygienic and unclean amusement equipment, not to mention infectious diseases, even from the visual sense. It’s daunting, Imagine, seeing dirty equipment, parents will be assured that children will play?

8. Marketing planning
Promotion of children's park propaganda, pricing of children's park tickets (sub-cards, monthly cards, annual cards according to actual conditions), establishment of children's park member files, cooperation and interaction with institutions related to children's nature.

The management of the park includes all aspects of management and operation. The operators must check all levels, do not let go of every detail, and operate with care, in order to make the children's paradise an export monument and make brand power.