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Theme park marketing strategy

Theme park marketing strategy

Issue Time:2019-12-17
Effective topic targeting
The theme is the soul of paradise. Before the theme is determined, market competition positioning, target customer positioning and tourism product positioning should be done well. Through sorting and analysis, identify yourself a theme with good development prospects.

Theme-oriented and participatory amusement programs
The setting of all the amusement items of the theme park should be based on the principle of highlighting the theme. The "classical and systematic" planning project of the amusement items and attractions will make each attraction a bright spot, and also make all the attractions a whole.

Establish a flexible pricing system
Properly reducing the price of tickets can be said to be a way to attract tourists. Based on the appropriate reduction of fares, the establishment of a new and targeted price system makes this method more effective.

Multi-channel sales strategy
(1) Sales agency channels
For theme parks, choose a suitable agency channel that is relatively straightforward and simple to operate, try to directly and truly convey the experience to the target consumer, and speed up the speed of marketing and circulation, saving channel management costs.
(2) Product direct sales channels
For theme parks, product direct sales not only make it easier to set up marketing agencies and channels, but also reduce marketing costs and increase profit margins. The most important thing is that all marketing policies and processes, including marketing channels, are easy to control.