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How to choose the right outdoor gyms?

How to choose the right outdoor gyms?

Issue Time:2020-02-16

How to choose the right outdoor gyms?

Outdoor fitness equipment, also known as community fitness equipment, also has a professional name, called outdoor paths. Many people in the home are confused when choosing community fitness equipment. In a sense, outdoor fitness equipment is an entertainment device that not only plays a role in fitness, but also participates in the beautification of the city.
The right choice of the outdoor fitness equipment is the key to getting our health improved from the exercise, below we will teach you how to choose the right and suitable equipment from two aspects, and get you through the benefits from the right choice. 

First: How to choose a supplier's equipment.

1. See if the color of the device is uniform and the corners are smooth
2. Be sure to find a regular manufacturer to purchase the equipment (see whether proper materials are used and whether the product is qualified)
3. Judging the quality of the product, see if the product is made of high-quality steel, and whether the thickness of the steel pipe meets the standard (the standard thickness is 2.75mm). After prolonged sunlight exposure, the surface will be oxidized, thereby rusting and alkalizing, which will not only affect the appearance, but also be dangerous.
4. See if there is a perfect after-sales service
Liben Group fitness equipment is warranted for one year and maintained for life. They also have product quality liability insurance of Ping An Insurance of China, which can ensure perfect after-sales worry-free.
In short, don't buy fitness equipment as dangerous equipment for cheap. Quality, safety and perfect after-sales service are the most important.

Second: How to choose the sport that suits you?

1.Stretching exercise Wooden frame with ribs, horizontal bars and other leg presses. This type of exercise does not encourage older people to desperately press their legs or raise their legs. High pressure does not mean health. It is recommended not to over shoulder.

2. Twist. Older people's waists are stiff and their movement should be as slow and soft as possible. Twisting too fast can cause small muscles around the spine to tighten, which can adversely affect the disc and can cause herniation. Therefore, when twisting, you must try your best to avoid twisting yourself, especially not too hard.

3. Aerobic equipment. Dr. Zhijian He said that some elderly people step on the space walker and the span is between 160 and 180 degrees. It is very dangerous to use the space walker as a "dynamic leg separator". Because it may cause hip ligaments to relax and easily cause dislocation. Dr. He suggested that the elderly should do more low-intensity aerobic exercise.

4. Power equipment.

(1) Horizontal bars. The purpose of elderly horizontal bars is to stimulate muscles. The 60-year-old does not need to do it too fast and violently, nor does it require 100% effort. People with moderate symptoms of disc herniation can perform moderate arm flexion on the horizontal bar, place their feet on the ground, and suspend more than half of their weight. Its function is equivalent to suspension traction.

(2) Push the leg device. Osteomalacia are not suitable for the elderly.

 Third,what benefits will you get from the right fitness?

1.Improve body shape: The most important role of fitness is to change body shape. With bodybuilding, you can increase or decrease any part of the body (as long as it is part of the muscle tissue) and effectively change its shape to get a beautiful shape. The process is controllable.
2.Good for health: The human body's meat, bones, blood circulation system, respiratory system, endocrine, etc. have stronger stimulating effects than ordinary sports and are more effective for improving human health.
3.Delaying aging: Through fitness, hormone secretion can be kept at a high level, thereby delaying aging. Some men who insist on exercising can still maintain good sexual function and sufficient physical strength before the age of sixty. In some women in their fifties, their muscles are tight, their bodies are free of fat, and they show a youthful atmosphere everywhere.
4.Energetic: If you are physically strong, your whole body will become energetic and you can maintain your best mental condition at any time.
5.Full of Confidence: Most importantly, many people don't know how much fitness has a psychological impact on people. After exercising, you will feel that you have a kind of strength, a kind of self-confidence, which gives you almost the ability to deal with everything and challenge everything. The striking appearance of others can also make you emotional and enthusiastic. Functionally, it can be divided into: exercise human legs, waist, arms, vitality, abdomen, joint flexibility, strong liver and spleen, regulate human endocrine, relax vitality, enhance the digestive tract, reduce attention, balance Ability, breast enhancement, arm strength, enhance cardiopulmonary function and coordination.

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