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Tips for maintaining and repairing outdoor fitness equipment

Tips for maintaining and repairing outdoor fitness equipment

Issue Time:2020-02-28

4 Tips for maintaining and repairing outdoor fitness equipment

Nowadays, national fitness is hot and people love fitness. This is a very good phenomenon. And we often go to the community park to use outdoor fitness equipment. In order to extend the service life of outdoor fitness equipment, we should promptly inspect and repair outdoor fitness equipment. Liben Group specializes in outdoor fitness equipment.

Engineers are invited to give the following four suggestions for the maintenance and repair of outdoor fitness equipment.


1. Regularly check all parts of outdoor fitness equipment.

There are screws for the connection of outdoor fitness equipment, which may appear loose after a long period of use. As a residential property staff, you should regularly check the fitness equipment to avoid potential safety hazards. In the event of breakage or loose screws, maintenance must be carried out in a timely manner. Generally, loose replacement is relatively simple, and it can be replaced using basic maintenance tools; if it cannot be handled by itself, it is necessary to contact the relevant unit or manufacturer for repair.

Liben Group's warranty period is 1 year, and parts that are not intentionally damaged by man are provided free of charge within 1 year.


2. Regularly clean and disinfect outdoor fitness equipment.

Outdoor fitness equipment is a public facility and many people touch it, so regular cleaning is necessary. Use a soft cloth and a suitable amount of detergent when cleaning, and add some disinfectant if necessary to effectively disinfect and clean these fitness equipment.

Especially when the new type of coronary pneumonia is epidemic, you should spray disinfectant regularly to all public facilities in the whole community and outdoors.


3. Fuel the outdoor fitness equipment components.

Residential outdoor fitness equipment is generally placed outdoors. Wind and sunlight can easily cause it to rust. If you hear abnormal noise from the fitness equipment during regular inspections, you need to add lubricating oil in time. Usually also need to regularly drip oil on the bearings and connections to keep it lubricated, thereby effectively extending its service life.


4.Outdoor fitness equipment beyond the safe life should be scrapped and updated.

The outdoor fitness equipment that has reached the end of its service life not only can not complete the fitness work well, but also may become a "time bomb" that threatens the lives of residents. Therefore, it is necessary to scrap the fitness equipment in time and replace it with new fitness equipment in order to realize the real interests of the residents.


The original intention of using outdoor exercise machines is to keep fit. If the danger is caused by the negligence of inspection, it is really a small mistake. I wish you all good health and peace in this special period of 2020.


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