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High-quality Trampoline Manufacturer

High-quality Trampoline Manufacturer

High-quality Trampoline Manufacturer
High-quality Trampoline ManufacturerHigh-quality Trampoline ManufacturerHigh-quality Trampoline Manufacturer
CategoriesIndoor trampoline park
BrandLiben children playground equipment
Recommended AgeAbove 10 years
InstallationManual Book or Oversea Workers
Provided ServicesFree Designs, Business Plan, Franchise
Warranty Period1 years
Life timeAt Least 5 Years
FeatureHigh Cost Effective
Update Time2022-01-16
Detail Information

Product parameters

[Product Name] Trampoline Park

[Product Brand] Liben Group

[Product Model] 5.LE.B2.809.181.03

[Product Specifications] Customized according to the site

[Product Color] Random and customized

[Product Material] Stainless steel, solid wood, anticorrosive wood, engineering plastics, soft plays

[Product Application] Relieve pressure, exercise, strengthen body; enhance the local entertainment and sports culture, drive the upsurge of national sports.

Product Introduction

Trampoline Park is a large indoor play center formed by a variety of indoor and outdoor amusement projects. Usually, a trampoline park contains the main trampoline area, dunking area, super slide, maze hive, EPP blocks, indoor playground and other areas. The larger of the trampoline park, the more variable the projects will be. For the better play experience, some large trampoline parks set the trampoline area for adults and also the indoor play area for children to play.

Generally speaking, trampoline park is a large sports space integrating amusement, sport, expansion and challenge, which is in the greatest demand of people. It can provide people with good amusement experience and bring them the best sports experience.

Product Price

A trampoline park is a collection of sports projects, so the cost of a trampoline park depends not only on the overall investment cost, but also on all the playground equipment. Indoor playground, for example, can be calculated in terms of how much they cost per square meter, while small electronic equipment is calculated in terms of a set or one device.

Playground equipment in each trampoline park are made of different materials due to different functions and technology. There are wooden amusement equipment, stainless steel amusement equipment, soft play equipment, plastic amusement equipment and so on in trampoline park. There is a big price gap of products produced by different materials. Gene generally speaking, the price of stainless steel amusement equipment is higher than that of plastic amusement equipment.

As a novice trampoline park investor, the material and life service of these equipment may not be particularly well understood, so the best way is to find a professional trampoline park  manufacturer, that can directly answer your questions. If you want to know about some information about purchasing trampoline park equipment and investing trampoline park projects, welcome to consult us!


Q: What projects are included in a trampoline park?

A: Popular trampoline parks include climbing walls, parkour areas, dunk areas, sponge pool, Russian turntable, super slide, indoor playground, maze hive, etc. Of course, the main area is trampoline area.

Q: How is the business of the trampoline Park? Is there a slack season?

A: The Trampoline Park is a very popular indoor sports and leisure space at home and abroad. It can adapt to the fun and hobbies of different customer groups. There are special trampoline projects for different exercise parts of the body. Therefore, there is no slack season or peak season for the trampoline park. It is popular all the time.

Q: What should I pay attention to when set up a trampoline park?

A: You need to notice the location of indoor trampoline park and the selection of project equipment. Therefore, the market research in advance is a top priority. You need to analyze the target customer groups, customer flow and the business around the park.

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